5 Tips to Sell Your Home

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DE-CLUTTER AND ORGANIZE - Get rid of busy decor and de-clutter to make each space, to make it look as big and roomy as possible.  Organize cabinets and closets to make things neat and tidy.

MINOR REPAIRS - Fix that leaky faucet, door handle that sticks, or squeaky door hinge. Patch any nicks in the wall and remove any scuff marks from walls and doors.

FRESHEN UP - Give the walls a fresh coat of a neutral color paint.  Painting two adjoining rooms the same color gives the appearance of an open floor plan.   Don’t forget the trim and woodwork, too!

MAKE IT SPARKLE - Wash windows inside and out to brighten things up. Have the carpets cleaned, and switch out old light and outlet covers. Put a vase of fresh flowers on the table, and place fresh towels in the bathroom. Get rid of any pet bowls, beds, toys, etc...

CURB APPEAL - Make your home feel inviting from the moment a potential buyers sees it.  Cut the grass, plant flowers, trim the bushes, keep sidewalks clear.  Put away kids bikes and outdoor equipment.  Paint faded shutters, and make sure your house number is clearly visible.